Here is a list of frequently asked questions (FAQ) and answers.

How do I update my password?

a. On the top right hand part of the menu, under Membership, click profile. Scroll down to Change Password on that page. Create your new password and click save at the very bottom.

How do I update my Address and Phone number?

a. On the top right hand part of the menu, under Membership, click profile. This has a ton of information you can update any time.

How do I pay with paypal? Do I need an account?

a. Paying is as easy as clicking submit on the membership form or renew now on the renewal page to start the process. HARC sends all payment transactions to paypal’s site rather than storing or processing it locally. This protects you from identity theft and credit card fraud. You can pay with or without a paypal account using debit card, credit card, and if you have a paypal account, you can use checking account. 

Below is an image of the paypal site. You can use your account, or click the bottom link to just use your credit card without an account.

How do I navigate the site using the newsletter?

a. Future updates will include how to navigate your web browser to a specific section or content. First you will see the [Menu] to click on. There is a Top menu, Primary or Main Menu, and a Bottom or Footer Menu. These will be in brackets to identify where to click. Any sub-menu item will follow -> to designate its under the parent menu. Instructions that you must complete to get to the section after you have clicked the menus will come after a comma (,) . Example:  [Primary Menu] -> Forums, Click the Classifieds  section under topics.