This page is for ARRL Field Day in June of each year, find information for Winter Field Day here!

Stations / Band Chair Persons: Are volunteers that supply a full station for the event.
Click here for Field Day Software (Club Member Access Only)

We setup the Friday before Field Day starting at 11:00 AM.

Note: Bands are managed at the main tent and can only be checked out from the main tent using the proper filter. No station can operate without the appropriate filter.

Goal: Friday night we need to check if we can eliminate any interference from the digital station feeding over into the voice. May need to practice band separation if that doesn’t work.

Volunteer Operators: Onsite there will be a system to pick 1 hour time slots. Try to sign up for as many as you can manage to operate or log at each of the stations. This is a very good option to learn more about Ham and HF stations from the seasoned members of the group. RSVP Emails will start going out in May to remind everyone to get signed up.