Types of Donations

  • Financial donations (cash or check)
  • Equipment donations. (Equipment will be inventoried, evaluated, and sold by the Hoodview Amateur Radio Club. The proceeds will be used to support the club’s repeater system and other projects.)
  • Estate donations: Financial donations or equipment donations.

Make a Cash Donation To Superstition WB7QIW Hoodview Amateur Radio Club

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Include Hoodview Amateur Radio Club Radio Club in Your Estate Plan

The personal and thoughtful process of planning your estate will help you provide for your family and express your charitable giving desires for those organizations that mean the most to you. We hope that the Hoodview Amateur Radio Club is among those organizations.

Many of our members tell us that they owe much to amateur radio but that their fixed income limits their contributions. The Hoodview Amateur Radio Club certainly understands that dilemma and hopes that the information provided here presents some new giving opportunities to consider.

Estate Planning Wording

If you are considering a bequest to the Hoodview Amateur Radio Club through your will, please consult your attorney to customize language. Here is some language that may help you and your attorney prepare your bequest by including such words as:

“…to the Hoodview Amateur Radio Club, a non-profit corporation incorporated in Gresham, Oregon (Federal ID # _) I give….”


“I give, devise or bequeath the rest, residue or remainder of my estate, whether real or personal as follows: (state portion) to the Hoodview Amateur Radio Club in Gresham, OR (Federal ID # ) for its general purposes.”


“I give to the Hoodview Amateur Radio Club in Gresham, OR (Federal ID # ) the sum of $ _____ dollars to be used for its general purposes.”