Hoodview Amateur Radio Club

2019 Field Day Sign-up (ITS FREE)

Friday 11:00AM Meet at Corbett Grade School for the setup crew.
Saturday at 10:00AM Stations start operating including the GOTA Station.
Sunday at 11:00AM Breakdown and cleanup.
All that setup and tear down get 2 extra tickets and the summer banquet.

Field day will be held on top of larch mountain outside Corbett Oregon. We will have Voice on 20, 40, 80, and 160 meters, and Digital on any open bands per the posted schedule.
Want to learn how to operate a radio, or work stations in a competition environment? Field day is for you. Each station will have all kinds of Ham Radio equipment and experienced club members supervising and teaching anyone how to operate a verity of Ham Radios.

Example: Operate or Log for 20Meter at 6pm and 9pm Saturday.

Fieldday 2019 Manual PDF - Free for everyone

HARC Fieldday 2019 Manual