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Go Box Configuration K7BAT

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6U Gator Case (injected molded version) 

Furman Powerstrip with lights

Powerwerx 30AMP Power supply with Display

RigRunner 4005 40A PowerPole Distribution Block

PowerGate PG 40S - Battery / charger for off grid operation (no installed all the time)

Icom 7300 SDR HF Radio

Icom 5100A 2M / 70cm Radio

LDG AT-200PROII Antenna Tuner

2 half deep 19" shelves

Adding 3d Printed plate to terminate all connections to the side of the box. Because I do mostly digital, I have a dell tough book type laptop that sits on top of the case and runs on 110v or 12v for charging.

I plan on building out another of these boxes for my teenage boys so they can have there own setup and leave mine alone. All my old equipment will go in it for them.

Note: All items in the box that run on 12V have powerpole connections. Any radio less that 19" wide will fit in the box, but the liter the better. You dont want to lift an 80lb case if you can help it. This one with all the stuff is about 30 lbs.

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Brian,  Waiting for you to fire up the ID 5100 and check into the Wednesday night net.  Got to use it to make sure its working!