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6U Gatorbox Side Pa...
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6U Gatorbox Side Panel Design

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Created this design to help clean up all the cables, and to have 1 place to connect everything. I am going to print it using my Flashforge Dreamer in ABS.

I hope to have this installed and tested before SeaPac. I will attach it with some type of epoxy or screws, have not decided. If I go the screw and nut route I will alter the 3d design for the holes.


6U Gator Box

1U 19" Powerstrip with lights (already had this)

2 19" selves that are about 9" deep

3D Printed Side Panel (Still working on the drawing)

2 BNC Type D Chassis Connector 

1 Ethernet Type D Connector

2 Type A USB Type D Connector

1 Type B USB Type D Connector

2 SO-239 Female to Female with plate

1 120V Blue Type D Connector

1 120V Cable with 3 prong end for US wall power

1 Phone connector (for ground) Type D

2 Pin 12V Type D

Misc Cables... will list out as I make them.