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Yaesu FT2900 Review

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I've had my Yaesu FT2900R for over two years now. It is a 75Watt VHF FM transceiver. I first bought it back around sometime in early 2017 as my first home base radio. Along with it I bought an Alinco DM-330FX Power supply. For two years now, they have both run without error. The last few months the 2900 has been my go to, I turn it on in the morning and leave it monitoring or scanning all day long. The menu system can be confusing to some when they first get the radio, but if you just refer to the manual and build up experience working with the radio, it's really easy to remember. If you are someone who is looking into buying this radio because it fits your needs, I say purchase this unit with confidence.





-Stays cool when idle, not hot during contacts

-Big display

-Good speaker


-I haven't run into anything that would be cause to give it anything negative.

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