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Icom ID 5100a

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New radio to the shack.  Shortly it will move to the mobile.  Getting acquainted with it first.  So far easy to program.  Found down loading the extended repeater list was fairly easy.  The near by repeaters with the GPS locked on is great.  Maybe the high point of this radio.  If your traveling you can hit near by repeaters and up pops the list.  Pick the one you want to use.

Pluses so far:  Easy to program simplex frequencies and repeaters into the memory.  

                          Easy to upgrade near by repeater list and use for traveling.

                          Big screen, monitors two frequencies or 440 and 144mhz.

                          Easy to use menus

Only minus so far:  Does not have a Mic jack on the control head like the IC 2730.  I have the 2730 control head in the center consul and the radio behind the back seat.  With the ID 5100 will have to run a 74$ mic cable to the back seat and bring it forward to the center consul.

If I come across other pluses or minuses I will add them to this review.