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Hoodview ARC For sale List: updated 11-16-21

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Hoodview Amateur Radio Club For Sale Items
Local pick up in/near Gresham, OR.


Contact Cory:  503-781-9095
or Jim:

Offers considered:

1. Yaseu FT101 EE  w/ microphone, power cable, phone-patch Landliner speaker. Unknown working condition but it does light up when powered on. No manual. $225

2. Ameritron AL-811 600 watt Amplifier. Comes with ARB704, 3- 811A tubes. $500 SOLD

3. Yaseu FT1000 HF rig.  200 watt, nice looking and clean HF Radio. Comes with cable, DVS2 Digital Memory Recorder, Heil desk microphone HM10, Cat Din Plug, external speaker. Loaded with lots of filters. $1200

4. MFJ 949 E Antenna Tuner. This is a Versa Tuner II. It has scratches on the top but sides and front look good. $99 SOLD

5. MFJ- 949 D Antenna Tuner. $90.

6. MFJ 989 D Antenna Versa Tuner. It has a few scratches on one side but top and front are good. $150 SOLD

7. MFJ-994B Automatic Antenna Tuner $175

8. We have two Woaxaun KG-UV3 Dual Band Handitalkies. Comes with charger and programming cable. $50 each

9. TH6 HF Antenna. 10-15-20 Meters. All aluminum pieces are bundled for easy pick-up. $65

10. Icom IC735 w/ microphone. $350, now on sale for $300 SOLD.

11. Icom IC735, no microphone, broken hinge on door front $275.

12. Looking for an unusual tube. We have a 4-400 B w/ socket. $25

13. Hardcover ARRL Antenna Book, 23rd Edition, $25.

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AL -811 Amp Sold 

MFJ-949D Sold

MPJ -989DSold

IC-735 w/Mic Sold