Club Officers (2020)

President : Joel Harrington, N7LF

Vice-President :  Chris Jensen, KG7ADQ

Secretary :  George Dover, W7GEO

Treasurer :    Jim Shoch, KA7AGH

Past President: Shaun Harteloo, N7TNP

Board of Directors (2020)

Larry Bishop, W4OPA – 2 year

Dennis Desper, KI7SJY- 2 Year

Tommy Yeung, KJ7HRA – 1 Year

Kenn Clulow, K7ENN – 1 Year

Committee Chairs:

501c(3) Custodian:  Jim, KA7AGH

50/50 Raffle:  Denny, WB7UFJ

Apparel, Patches and Badges:  TBD

ARRL Club Liaison:  Denny, WB7UFJ

Auditing and Budget:  Steve, N7LTC / Jim, KA7AGH

Awards and Recognition:

By-Laws and Constitution:

Christmas and Spring Banquet:  Cheri, N7KOJ

Club Call Trustee WB7QIW:  Denny, WB7UFJ

Educational Services:  Cory, KA7IUG

Emergency Services Liaison:  Joel, N7LF

Equipment Storage:  Joel, N7LF

Field Day Chairperson:  OPEN

Greeters:  Cindy, KD7IXZ

March of Dimes:  Cory, KA7IUG

MHCC Liaison:  Pam, KC7Q

Memorandum of Understandings:  TBD

Net Manager (2 meters/70cm):  Art, W7AUF

Newsletter Editor:  Cory, KA7IUG

Nominating Committee:  Board Members

ORRC Rep:  Cory, KA7IUG

Picnic:  Tina, KJ7CHN

Constitution, Bylaws, Policies and Procedures:  Steve, N7LTC / Cory, KA7IUG / TBD

Programs Committee Chair:  Board Members

Public Information Officer (ARRL):  Denny, WB7UFJ

Public Information Officer (Club):  TBD

QSL Manager:  TBD

Recruitment and Retention:  Board Members

Repeater Team Chairman:  Jim, KA7AGH

Roster Committee:  Cory, KA7IUG

Sea-Pac Table:  Cory, KA7IUG

Social Media:  TBD

Sunshine Person:  TBD

VE Session Manager (odd months):  Pam, KC7Q

Webmaster:  Shaun, N7TNP / Cory, KA7IUG

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